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saturday night tarot

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it's been at least a year, i think, since i last touched my tarot decks; i've been meaning to, since the reading posted here last week (i think) by deliriumcrow, start using them again, both to bring back my skills as well as to hope to shed some light on the current state of affairs. after thinking about it each night during the last few days and not actually doing anything, tonight i finally pulled out my decks and asked for some input.

decks used... vertigo (primary) and voyager (secondary).

anyway... my goal was to try to get a sense of both the physical happenings as well as the spiritual, and some of what came out made a lot of sense, and some of it didn't make sense at all. and i found that as i went over the cards, the parts which made the most sense were the parts that i found the hardest to put words to; as if i KNEW what was being said, but couldn't SAY it, if that makes any sense.

so we'll do this in two parts: first, what's in store for the physical realm.

the general sense of the reading is that war is on its way. this wouldn't be too hard to discern from reading the news and watching tv, but i think that it's going to be worse than our dear leaders imagine. however, i also don't feel that it's going to be of a catastrophic, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-and-i-feel-fine nature. so in more specific terms, we're not all going to die as north korea and saddam join forces to lob a missile or three over here, and i don't expect a region-wide conflict to break out. instead it'll be a slow, festering process; outbreaks of violence here, terrorist strikes there, a gradually-increasing set of reprisals.

also, they're (the powers that be) missing something - as if all the pieces have been lined up but one of them has been left out, and in looking at it further, the thing that's been left out appears to be, well, the name of the card itself - temperance. what all of this adds up to, in my interpretation, is that the whole war "thing" has taken on a life of its own, to the point where there's no viable way out of it for either side even if they wanted out. remember the cuban missile crisis, ultimately solved via back-channel communications which allowed the situation to be defused without either side losing face? neither side really wanted war, but they had pushed their mutual brinksmanship so far that publically backing down simply wasn't an option. and that, i think, is what we've got here. the only difference is that there doesn't seem to be that avenue of back-channel communication. curious, i went further, looking to see if there would be any way to avoid mass bloodshed, and parts of this section didn't make sense. the cards which came up were the high priestess and the ace of worlds (which i believe is the ace of pentacles in a more traditional deck). it didn't make sense because i got the feeling that there would be some sort of strong female character involved in the process, but as i run through the list of known world leaders that are female, i couldn't think of anyone that would fit. the only prominent female that's at all involved in this situation that i'm aware of is condoleeza rice, and somehow i can't imagine that she'd be of the mind to tell shrubya that war isn't the answer. that being said, i also got the impression that if war in this world is to be avoided, there's only one real shot at it and everything has to work out properly.

anyway, one of my cats is now sleeping on the other half of the reading, and i don't know if he's doing this because he's tired or he has some input, but from the spritual side, the cards suggest that the war has already started. much of this part of the reading also fit under what i said earlier, where i felt like i knew what was being said but couldn't really wrap words around it. but although it feels that the war has already begun, it doesn't seem that escalation and spread is automatic. but something (entity?) which had been contained is now in the process (not completed, though) of removing those constraints, coming out of its cell or cage or cave or box or whatever, and if it does manage to get out, the shit is going to hit the fan. and in order to keep that from happening, there's going to be a need for, for lack of better words, some serious mojo. i don't know how better to put it than that - there needs to be sharing of information, sharing of techniques, development of new techniques and resurrection of old, forgotten skills. and most importantly, alliances between groups and individuals which traditionally haven't seen eye-to-eye. the final card which came up in the "how to keep the shit from hitting the fan" section was the eight of cups (probably insignificant aside here: there is a large "E" on this card in the lower-left corner - which, for those of you who don't know, happens to be my first initial - whether or not this is a message specifically to me that i need to get off my ass or just an irrelevant coincidence, i don't know) in the vertigo deck, which i have a bitch of a time interpreting, and since i don't have the book anywhere near by, i'll have to leave that as an exercise for the reader.

that's it. maybe some of this will cause an idea bulb to turn on for somebody, or maybe not. after all, as i said, it's been a long time since the cards and i have chatted. we should do so more often. 5am, time to sleep.
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