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The watchers

The watchers have convienently come back. Less menacing this time but still disturbing. They seem to react to emotional phrases, I love you/I hate you, even if they're said playfully. They're also skitish. Just walking out into our hall scared them out of the living room into the hall outside. The four that were hear last night seemed to conference in my living room. They were very aware that we were there and proding them but gave no heed to any questions I put out. The four are very tall it seems. They could easily stand through my ceiling but they tend to crouch a bit to avoid it. Beyond that, I can't describe them except that they are vaguely menacing and we are a very large reason that they're here. On another note, Becky was harrassed by a much different spirit last night as well. She was taking a shower and it was standing under the sink watching her. She described it as Brown and very short. Possibly no more than two feet tall. It was gone when I went to see it.
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